EDTECH Courses

EDTECH 501, Intro to Educational Technology

Dr. Barbara Schroeder, Fall 2014

Overview of the field of educational technology emphasizing current issues, leadership in technology use planning, and evaluation/synthesis of research.

Syllabus for EDTECH 501

Reflection for EDTECH 501

EDTECH 502, Internet for Educators

Dr. Patrick Lowenthal, Spring 2015

Locate, retrieve, and evaluate information found on the Internet. Design and produce instructional Web pages using a combination of software and HTML/XHTML/CSS code. Apply appropriate instructional strategies and models to the design of digital curriculum.

Syllabus for EDTECH 502

Reflection for EDTECH 502

EDTECH 512, Online Course Design

Dr. Patrick Lowenthal, Summer 2015

Emphasizes web-based instructional design for the development of online courses. Consideration is given to various models of online delivery, content organization and presentation, and graphic design. Course participants create a fully developed online course.

Syllabus for EDTECH 512

Reflection for EDTECH 512

EDTECH 503, Instructional Design

Dr. Jennifer Brock, Spring 2016

Focuses on systematic design of instruction and alternative models.

Syllabus for EDTECH 503

Reflection for EDTECH 503

EDTECH 513, Multimedia

Dr. K. Diane Hall, Summer 2016

Research-based principles of multimedia learning are combined with technical skills of multimedia production to produce a series of digital multimedia projects for classroom and online applications.

Syllabus for EDTECH 513

Reflection for EDTECH 513